domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013


Nuka is finished, I put her project on hold for a while because I need to finish the comissions first, but now I can say that she's completed. She's for my personal collection.
She's a lovely grizzly bear girl, with native american strong inspiration, made with alpaca. As always, she's fully jointed and wired, and have needle felting paws with clay claws. I have done so much work on her, phew!



Also I found interesting to made a comparison picture for future reference, as Nuka is the biggest plushie girl I ever made. In the picture: Nuka (big size and light tan skintone), Primrose (medium size and white skintone), Trompetita (small size and normal skintone).

Size and skintone comparison

sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

Finishing comissions

Well, lately I was busy finishing some comissions. I'm so proud that her new mums are happy with the result. Please, enjoy them a lot =)!
Here are some pictures of the new little girls. The first one is a tiny elephant like Trompetita, and the second one a polar bear that is waiting for her name.

Trompetita Twin Trompetita Twin Special request for Ece Special request for Ece Special request for Ece Special request for Ece

But that's not all, I started working on a new lovely girl for sale. She will be a chocolate panda as I enjoy so much making pandas and I never did before a girly one. I'm so excited, yay!