lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

Mofletitos - WIP

Mofletitos is a new plushie experiment. I felted her eyelids. Also I'm making a lovely hood, so... still working on her =). This is just a preview.

Anyway Mofletitos says Merry Xmas for everyone!!!


sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

OldPlum - SOLD

OldPlumOldPlum is a cute vintage looking panda that loves hugs and cuddles.

He's 8cm (3.15") tall standing and 6cm (2.4") sitting, and was made from a good quality sparse mohair in white and soft purple colors.
He has german glass eyes and cotter pin joints in the head and legs. His arms are thread jointed. So he can stand up alone, sit and make a wide variety of cute poses.
His hands and paws were thread sculpted, so they have a detailed finish.
Also I added some plastic beads to his body in order to add him some weight.
He has a removable vintage looking ribbon that gives him a nice touch .

This sale includes OldPlum panda and his ribbon, not the chair or other decoration.

I can accept layaway payment, please contact me if your have any question.

Please note that this is not a suitable product for childrens, only for adult collectors.

 OldPlum OldPlum OldPlum OldPlum

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012


Long time without writting here... well, I was so busy trying to focus my mind on a new project. 
I want to show you Waterflake. Waterflake is only 7cm tall standing (about 2.75"). He has disc joints in the head and in the legs. The arms are thread jointed (so small for adding all the disc joints X_X). The paws are full of detail, I love them.
I'm working on a series of OOAK bears with this pattern. So I hope that I can show you more cute and tiny bears soon ^^.


miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012


Racoon plushie

"Drejo, as a good raccoon has nocturnal behaviour and likes to climb trees. But, sometimes, when nobody observes him, he loves to hang upside down like bats. He strongly believes that making this very often he could obtain bat wings to fly around the forest."

Drejo is OOAK fantasy raccoon of about 11cm. He was made with hand-dyed Schulte viscose. I sculpted his eyelids and his nose. He has a wobble joint, on his head that allows him to make some cute poses, and other four disc joints on the legs and arms.

Racoon plushie Racoon plushie

lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

New project

Today I had some free time and I started my new plushie. I hope that the result reaches my expectations because I'm so excited about this little one.
It's the first time that I will use viscose, but I like how it looks (it's so thin and soft). Also I was greatly surprised when I hand dyed it! It caught a natural rose-greyish brown that fits perfectly the idea that I have in my mind.
I took a picture of the hand dyed fabric, but in real life it's even better. Soon more work in progress updates.

domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Mocca the cute Panda

Mocca is a lovely 9cm tall panda made with long Sassy fabric in two colors. He has five disc joint points, german glass eyes, and was finished with a hand dyed vintage-looking scarf. To give him a good weight I used some fillig beads in his body and in his legs, so he can stand and sit easily!

Mocca was born in China (as a good panda), but his adventurer spirit incentivated him to travel around the world searching the essence of life.

Mocca Mocca Mocca Mocca

domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

I'm here again!

Long time has passed since my last blog entry. I was so busy with my job (I work in a lab), and I have little time to think about bears and dolls. But now I started again sewing little creatures. I was learning new techniques and also trying new styles. I think that now I'm in love with miniature bears. Here are some of my newest creations (none of them are for sale, they're for my personal collection, but I hope that soon I can show you some adoptables again!):

Trufito: Trufito is only 6cm tall, but he has a good friend to play with. He loves dinosaurs.


Coco: he's made with handmade dyed mohair and much work and love. Also his ruff was handmade dyed. I finished him with small drops of liquid gold that gives Coco a vintage look. He's only 3.5" tall.