jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Crafting Dreams Series

Today I want to talk a bit about the Series that I'm using to classify my plushies. It could seem a bit weird, but for me it's funnier if I can create a plot behind each work. I like to see a finished plush and view his/her personality. This helps me a lot to think about his/her friends (or enemies, hahaha) and create the next one with clearer ideas about the colors and shapes. 
Also, making different series, allows me to make plushies with radically different styles, and I love it. Of course that I can recognize a part of me in all of them, but I would like to try to make a variety of plushies.

And well, these are more or less my ideas now, but maybe in the future new series would come to Crafting Dreams!:

- Wood Forest Series: the story starts into the Wood Forest, an small village near a mysterious forest full of magic creatures. Each character reacts in a different way about the forest events. For this line I want to make anime-looking plushies with warm accessories made with natural materials.

- Circus Series: the adventures of a group of animals that works in a circus. I want to make a color contrast between some only black and white plushies and others plenty of colors and made with "remnants". I want to point out that I love the circus aesthetic, but I'm not agree with animal exploitation. So I apply circus features to animal plushies because I like how it looks, but my circus plushies are really happy, only works 8 hours per day and have paid holidays.

- Wild Series: for animals that are not usually represented as plushies. Focussed in animals that are not domestic. I want to represent them "as they are", I mean, maybe they would not be so realistic, but I will not use fantasy colors or sparse textures. I would love to make this series mostly in alpaca fabric, because in my opinion it's so similar to real animal hair.

- Gold Series: for a more vintage-looking creations. They will be mainly teddy bears with "wear out" colors and fabrics (maybe most of them would be made with sparse mohair, or with a curly one), long arms and legs, and smallers heads.

And to finish this long post this is a shot of the alpaca fabric for my next plushie, could you imagine who will be?


domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

Gold Series 01 - Little Lion

"Little Lion is a shy bear that loves to be quiet reading old adventure books. His favourite ones are "Vingt mille lieues sous les mers" and "De la Terre à la Lune Trajet direct en 97 heures". His friends call him Little Lion due to his dense and furry hair, but he would prefer not to caught anyone's attention. He likes blackberries and apple pies"
Little Lion is a OOAK 15.5cm (about 6") tall vintage looking bear. He can stand up, sit down, move his head and his arms thanks to his five disc joints. He's made from high quality curly dense mohair fabric with handmade blushing, ultrasuede and two black glass eyes. He comes with cute hand-dyed blue linen ribbon.


"Little Lion es un oso tímido al que le encanta estar tranquilo leyendo antiguos libros de aventuras. Sus favoritos son "Vingt mille lieues sous les mers" y "De la Terre à la Lune Trajet direct en 97 heures". Sus amigos le llaman Little Lion debido a su denso y peluchoso cabello, pero él preferiría no llamar la atención de nadie. Le gustan las moras y las tartas de manzana."

Little Lion es un oso OOAK de estilo vintage de 15,5cm de altura. Puede mantenerse en pie, sentarse, mover la cabeza y los brazos gracias a sus cinco articulaciones con discos. Está hecho con tela de mohair de gran calidad blusheada a mano, ultrasuede y dos ojitos negros de cristal. Viene con un bonito lazo de lino teñido a mano de color azul.

sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

Little Lion is almost finished

Well, this week little by little I was working on Little Lion. I finished all his parts, but I need to blush him a bit (also a bit more of hair cutting?), joint the parts with the body (and close them) and dye a piece of linen to make a beautiful ribbon. So yes, this is my most vintage-looking bear until now (his arms are long, and his head is small). I like the result as well, but as I'm accostumed to a more anime-looking plushies, at first sight it seemed a bit strange for me. Anyway now I'm more than happy with Little Lion, and here's a preview picture of him!


domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2011

Little Lion is a bear!

As I told you the other day seems that plushies has their own personality and they take their decissions alone. I was decided to make a fluffy lion when suddenly the plush turns on a bear!!! So I have no choice than make a bear called 'Little Lion'. I suppose that the other forest animals call him Little Lion due to his dense hair, but I think that he is really shy and doesn't like to attract attention.

Anyway I have a lot of hard work before finish this lovely plush. The most difficult part is, of course, the head because it gives all the personality to the character. Now I need to cut a bit more his facial hair and make some blushing. Obviously I also need to make his arms and feets, hahaha!!

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Little Lion - Work in progress

Hi all!

Today I started a new plushie project. I wanted to make something with a more dense mohair fabric than the previous ones (all my latest projects were made with sparse mohair). I thought about making a cute vintage-looking bear girl, but when I was modeling the head and cutting the hair I see a lion, hahaha. Seems that plushies have their own personality since the moment of cutting their fabric.

martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Wood Forest Series 01 - Bloom

"Bloom loves long walks around the Wood Forest. Usually goes to the fairy ring, wishing to see something special. She believes strongly in fairies, so she sits down in her favorite log, waiting to her desired meeting. Meanwhile thinks about what kind of questions wants to make to the fairies that day."

Bloom is a cute OOAK 9.5cm (about 3.5") tall pink bear cub. She can stand up, sit down, move her head and her arms thanks to her five disc joints. She's made from high quality mohair fabric with handmade blushing, felt and two black glass eyes. She comes with her beloved hand-crocheted hat that fits her sweet ears.


"A Bloom le encantan los largos paseos por el Bosque de la Madera. Normalmente acude al anillo de las hadas, deseando ver algo especial. Ella cree firmemente en las hadas, así que se sienta en su tronco favorito, esperando por su ansiado encuentro. Mientras tanto piensa qué clase de preguntas les hará a las hadas ese día."

Bloom es una adorable osita rosa OOAK de 9,5cm de altura. Puede mantenerse en pie, sentarse, mover la cabeza y los brazos gracias a sus cinco articulaciones con discos. Está hecha con tela de mohair de gran calidad blusheada a mano, fieltro y dos ojitos negros de cristal. Viene con su adorado gorro de crochet que encaja perfectamente con sus orejitas.

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

Bloom (Work in progress)

Well, this is my first entry to this new blog that I created to show you my latest plushies progresses. I started long time ago, when I was around 16 years old, making my first plushies (with not so cute results, hahaha). Then, a couple of years ago I took up again this activity and I bought some quality mohair fabrics to make more professional-looking plushies. Now I'm searching my own style and my way to make these beautiful furry animals.

I'm working in Bloom, a little pink bear of about 11cm tall. She show me how to model properly a bear face and how this can change the expression of a plush radically. At this moment she's almost finished, but I need to buy some materials to give her the perfect finish. Do you like her? =3. I hope that I can show you soon her big brother!


Bueno, esta es mi primera entrada en este nuevo blog que he creado para dar a conocer mis últimos progresos en cuanto a peluches se refiere. Empecé hace mucho tiempo, sobre los 16 años, con mis primeros peluches (con resultados no muy monos XD). Más tarde, hará un par de años, retomé esta activiadad y compré telas con mohair de calidad para dar un acabado más profesional a mis peluches. Ahora estoy buscando mi propio estilo y mi propia forma de hacer estos adorables animales de peluche.

Os presento a Bloon, una osita rosa de unos 11cm de altura en la que estoy trabajando. Ella me ha enseñado a cómo modelar la cara de un oso, y como esto puede cambiar radicalmente la expresión del peluche. Ahora mismo está prácticamente terminada, pero necesito comprar algunas cosas más para darle el acabado perfecto. ¿Os gusta? =3. Espero poder enseñaros pronto a su hermano mayor!