miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012


Racoon plushie

"Drejo, as a good raccoon has nocturnal behaviour and likes to climb trees. But, sometimes, when nobody observes him, he loves to hang upside down like bats. He strongly believes that making this very often he could obtain bat wings to fly around the forest."

Drejo is OOAK fantasy raccoon of about 11cm. He was made with hand-dyed Schulte viscose. I sculpted his eyelids and his nose. He has a wobble joint, on his head that allows him to make some cute poses, and other four disc joints on the legs and arms.

Racoon plushie Racoon plushie

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  1. Drejo is the most wonderful murcidrejo I have ever seen! I am sure he will be able to fly... some day!