sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

OldPlum - SOLD

OldPlumOldPlum is a cute vintage looking panda that loves hugs and cuddles.

He's 8cm (3.15") tall standing and 6cm (2.4") sitting, and was made from a good quality sparse mohair in white and soft purple colors.
He has german glass eyes and cotter pin joints in the head and legs. His arms are thread jointed. So he can stand up alone, sit and make a wide variety of cute poses.
His hands and paws were thread sculpted, so they have a detailed finish.
Also I added some plastic beads to his body in order to add him some weight.
He has a removable vintage looking ribbon that gives him a nice touch .

This sale includes OldPlum panda and his ribbon, not the chair or other decoration.

I can accept layaway payment, please contact me if your have any question.

Please note that this is not a suitable product for childrens, only for adult collectors.

 OldPlum OldPlum OldPlum OldPlum

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