martes, 30 de abril de 2013

Teryp and other comissions

Well, this entry is about special comissions that other people asked me. I'm so happy to create with suggestions and ideas, it makes the working procress like a collaboration. I think that my plushie girls have a natural and organic style (fitting so well my personality), so exploring other possibilities it's always a funny challenge for me!

ApokriPHa asked me for a black skintone girl (she's a big fan of african and ethnic characters) with a dragon/dinosaur custom. I admit that I was a bit reluctant with this idea at first time, but...wow, I love the result so much!!! I think that she mix something mystic like an african godness with something typical from medieval fantasy. Just judge it by yourself, she's Teryp:

Teryp, the beautiful dragon-girl Teryp, the beautiful dragon-girl
Teryp, the beautiful dragon-girl

Other girl asked me a bear girl with green eyes and auburn hair. As she likes white bears a lot I decided to make her a polar one. In this picture the hair is not attached, it was just put between the head and the hood just for showing her the how it would look. More pictures of her soon.

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  1. The new girls are amazing, I love my lovely Teryp (despite the fact that she is made with my guidelines =P).

    I only can say you... THANKS!